Mar 8 • 21M

Why you need a Content Audit

with Lauren Pope

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When was the last time you invested in a content audit for your website? A good content audit will help you decide which content to keep, re-write, update, or delete. If you keep convincing yourself that a content audit isn’t necessary, this episode of the Marketing Unf*cked podcast will change your mind.


My guest in this episode, Lauren Pope, is an independent content strategist who knows how to help marketers like you get the right content to the right person at the right time. She shares insider tips on how auditing your content can improve your accessibility, authenticity, and sustainability. 


Listen in to find out how performing a content audit can unf*ck your marketing and stay tuned until the end for Lauren’s top three tips to make your content more user-friendly, accessible, and inclusive.


In this episode:


·      00:29 – Why marketing professionals need to focus more on doing less and sustainability

·      01:09 – How to be more sustainable when it comes to your content strategy

·      02:25 – How user research helps marketers slow down and become more sustainable

·      03:58 – Why it’s important to carry out a content audit and make sure your content is always relevant

·      06:14 – What to look out for when running a content audit on your website

·      07:28 – How auditing your content can improve your authenticity and sustainability 

·      08:56 – How content audits can help determine if your website is accessible and inclusive

·      09:34 – How deleting irrelevant content will impact your SEO

·      11:27 – Tips for building a content strategy following an audit

·      13:00 – How Lauren builds a content strategy from start to finish

·      14:03 – How to make sure you’re delivering the right solutions for the user while also considering company stakeholders

·      15:11 – The consequences of not auditing and strategically thinking about your content

·      16:07 – Lauren shares some stories that’ll make you think twice about skipping your next audit!

·      18:26 – Three things you can do to make your content more user-friendly, accessible, and inclusive


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