Jan 26 • 20M

Stop Forcing Customers To Do What They Wouldn't Want

with Stéphane Hamel

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Are you guilty of trying to get your customers to do things that, deep down, they don’t want to do? You’d be surprised at how many marketers are guilty of this, whether they do it intentionally or not. 


Stéphane Hamel is a seasoned digital marketing and analytics consultant, innovator, keynote speaker, pre-seed investor, and start-up & agency advisor. He joins the very first episode of the Marketing Unf*cked podcast to discuss how marketers can unf*ck their marketing by focusing less on automated chatbots and more on building trust with customers.


Tune in to rediscover the true value of building a trust-based relationship with customers and why this may be the secret ingredient missing from your existing marketing recipe.


In this episode:


·      01:06 – The importance of developing trust with your customers

·      01:38 – Whether automation is effective at delivering personalized emails or not

·      03:43 – How to build trust with customers and retrieve essential data to help build powerful marketing campaigns

·      05:36 – Why brands need to focus on being transparent with their customers

·      07:00 – How to gain a customer’s trust

·      10:51 – The problem with GDPR cookie banners 

·      12:54 – The hard truth about why so many marketers use ad and cookie blockers 

·      14:20 – What marketers are doing ‘wrong’ with the data they collect

·      17:04 – How to avoid making the same mistakes as Cambridge Analytica

·      18:58 – Why marketers need to put themselves in the shoes of their users


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