Mar 22 • 25M

Just Measure It: How Measuring and A/B Testing can Unfuck your Marketing

with Dennis van der Heijden

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Do you want to know why your website isn’t performing as well as you hoped? 


Dennis van der Heijden, Founder and CEO of, warns marketers that neglecting to measure performance could send your business down the crapper… 


Alright, maybe he didn’t say those exact words… but he did raise some important points around measuring and A/B testing. Don’t be fooled into thinking that measuring performance is only for businesses with tonnes of traffic! It isn’t. You should still measure even if you don’t get a lot of traffic.


Find out why in this episode of Marketing Unfucked featuring my special guest, Dennis van der Heijden. I promise that by the end of this episode, you’ll be ready to start experimenting and making data-driven decisions to help unfuck your marketing.


In this episode:


·      00:35 – The consequences of not measuring the effectiveness of your marketing and ‘going blind’

·      01:33 – Dennis shares some intriguing examples of times when marketers are going blind but pretend that they aren’t

·      03:52 – Why you should be willing to keep trying and learning as you go

·      04:49 – The ‘right’ approach to unfuck your marketing and why you should trust ‘the hunch’

·      05:33 – The value of quantitative measurement and how big brands (like Amazon and Netflix) have perfected their approach

·      07:54 – How to measure if you haven’t got a lot of traffic (yet!)

·      10:24 – The first steps to accurately measure your marketing 

·      12:15 – Why you need to set a ‘big goal’ before you start A/B testing

·      14:36 – Dennis reveals a simple starting strategy to help marketers measure effectively

·      15:57 – Why you should try to learn something from your failed A/B tests and experiments

·      20:50 – Dennis talks about why people aren’t measuring 

·      24:30 – What you stand to lose if you don’t measure


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